Manassas Artist Gets a Fast Start

Kickstarter is an online crowd sourcing tool used by many entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. Tad Merryman of Manassas, a local artist, has published his project and has exceeded his goals in the first two weeks.  Two weeks still remain on his fund raising campaign, and that extra time has Tad thinking that the sky could be the limit.  "I'm overwhelmed with the amount of support that I have received from friends and strangers alike.  I hope that I can grow this into something that is recognizable all over the world".  The idea is fairly simple.  Tad creates digital artwork and transforms them into small, decorative wooden statues.  The art work varies from recognizable pop culture figures to custom designs.  "These figures are amazing!  Very unique and fun!" says Chris Rimnyak.  Chris was Tad's first customer when he opened his Etsy store in May.  Since then he has been taking orders from Canada, UK, Australia and all over the US.  The increasing demand is the impetus for creating the crowd sourced funding project.  Here is to hoping a local artist drastically exceeds their goals.
Tad Merryman June 14, 2014 at 10:53 AM


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