9,325 Days Till Death: When Will You Die?

Your days are numbered — on this app.

How many days left? (Screen shot from Days of Life App.)
How many days left? (Screen shot from Days of Life App.)
By Todd Richissin, editor

It's curtains for me in 9,325 days.

That's Wednesday's result from the "Days of Life" app I installed on my iPhone. Put in your age, sex and country and you'll get a count-down clock and pie chart showing when, on average, you'll start your dirt nap.

You can store the app in your "Existential Terror" folder, jokes Mark O'Connell, who has a thoughtful essay about the app over at the New Yorker.

The app is simple in that it uses average life expectancy data by country. If you'd like a more precise guess at when you'll meet the Reaper, click over to this calculator from the University of Pennsylvania. It takes into account lifestyle and personal medical history.

Geography within the U.S. also makes a difference. For instance, those of us living in Massachusetts have a slightly higher life span than the national average.

Then input your result in the app.

Want to get in touch with your own impending doom? Install the "Days of Life" app.


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