Public Shooting Not an Option for Controlling Manassas Battlefield Park Deer Population

Park officials said the deer population must be brought under control quickly.

Officials are trying to decide the best way to control the deer population in Manassas National Battlefield Park.
Officials are trying to decide the best way to control the deer population in Manassas National Battlefield Park.
It's a good news-bad news situation for trigger-happy supporters of culling deer in Manassas National Battlefield Park.  The good news: hunting the deer is an option.  The bad news: public hunting of the deer is not. 

Manassas battlefield Superintendent Ed W. Clark told the Washington Post that Congressional legislation forbids the public from hunting at the park

What isn't forbidden by federal laws is the hiring of professional sharpshooters to come in and quickly bring down the deer population, according to the Post's report. 
Battlefield officials say that's the most cost effective way to get the job done. 
Other options are fencing at the battlefield and giving the deer birth control. 
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Park staff say the deer population is already out of hand. Estimates show there are 82 deer per square mile of the eight-mile park.  Officials told the Post they would feel better if that number was brought down to 20. 

The deer are eating their way through the vegetation in the park and in nearby gardens belonging residents. The deer also pose a safety hazard because they carry diseases and are often hit by cars traveling on roadways through the battlefield.  

Park officials will make their final decision in about a year, after they've read and considered the public's thoughts on controlling the dear population. Many got to share their opinions during an Aug. 29 meeting on the issue held at the battlefield's visitor center. 

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Kris Day September 06, 2013 at 04:41 AM
Hopefully they will donate the deer meat and it won't go to waste.


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