Speaking Expert Holds Conversation Improvement Class in Manassas Park Saturday

The goal of the class is to help students hone their mingling skills at holiday parties.

A class especially for improving the art of fine conversation makes its debut in Manassas Park on Saturday.

The "Don't Sweat the Small Talk" class begins at 10 a.m. today at the Manassas Park Community Center and is open to people 18 and over. The cost is $20 per student.

Public speaking expert Peggy Kimmey decided to introduce the class after discovering many of her students at times felt uneasy while having conversations with coworkers during office parties, with job supervisors and when meeting relatives of a romantic interest, said Tony Thomas, recreation supervisor for the Manassas Park Department of Parks and Recreation.

The class focuses on how to start and hold conversations and will be especially helpful during the holidays when mingling at parties and meeting new ones is common.

It is especially designed for those who get anxious or nervous about small talk, he added.

For more information call the community center at 703-335-8872.


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