Blurred Invisalign? Gainesville Dentist Parodied in Patient's "Robin Thicke" Video

An Invisalign patient's take on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."

"Blurred Lines" Parody by a Gainesville dentist's patient. (YouTube.)
"Blurred Lines" Parody by a Gainesville dentist's patient. (YouTube.)
Not many people love their dentist at all, must less love them so much they put together an entire music video about her. 

But that's exactly what happened to Dr. Faline Davenport of Gainesville Dental Associates in western Prince William County. 

Her patient Ronald Gulick said he was so happy with her work on his Invisalign, an alternative to traditional braces, that he wanted to show it. 

He parodied 2013's smash hit, "Blurred Lines" a controversial song and video by pop singer, Robin Thicke, producer/singer Pharrell Williams and Atlanta rapper T.I.   
"I have Invisalign and I really like the dentist office I used," Gulick told Patch this week. "I have had it almost two years. Mine is a longer case, as most only last a year, (but) I am almost done."
The Chantilly sales manager said he does video in his spare time and decided to enlist Davenport, practice staff members and a few patients for the video.  
Sorry, no topless or scantly clad models in his version. 

Gulick is in the video, too, he's the tall guy singing the song. Davenport is the brunette with the white coat.  View it YouTube here. 


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