Doll House Pole Fitness Opens in the Manassas-area

The principal instructor and owner is a 26-year-old, self-proclaimed pole dancing addict.

Editor’s note: This is part two in a three-part series on two new ladies-only pole-dancing studios opening this month in Manassas. 

She’s not even 30, barely 90 pounds soaking wet, and maybe 5 feet tall wearing platform heels, but little Von Brianna has already scored some big accomplishments.

The Gainesville resident opened Doll House Pole Fitness, the first pole fitness studio in the Manassas area on March 1. 

The 2,400 square foot facility is on Lute Court just off Interstate 66 and Balls Ford Road in Prince William County.

The studio’s “Vixen Room” is home to 10 vertical chrome poles for dancing and instruction, Brianna said.  The poles are unique because they aren’t anchored to the ceiling, but rather to a lower structure, which is more aesthetically pleasing to the dancer, she said.

The instructor’s pole is on a stage in front of the room because she remembers not being able to see the teacher while she was taking classes at other studios, Brianna said.

There are also two other rooms in the facility where she plans to offer instruction in other forms of dance.

Before opening Doll House, Brianna had been pole dancing for three years and won the Miss Georgia competition in the Southern Regional Pole Dancing Championship. She’d also conducted in-home pole parties for women.

It was her husband who encouraged her to open her own studio and pursue her pole dancing passion to the fullest.  Obviously, he’s not the jealous type.

“It was his suggestion. He is so supportive,” Brianna said. “When I asked him why he suggested I open the studio, he said, ‘Because I see how much you love it and you are always having people over and teaching them.’”

Her husband is immune to the idea of her pole dancing all the time, she said.

“He’s pretty much numb to it,” she said. “There could be 20 girls in the house pole dancing and he’s fine with it.”

At one point she had three poles in their home,  Brianna said.

Dollhouse Pole Fitness is really about the empowerment of women and not  about dancing for money and pleasing men, the 26-year-old said.

Brianna said she built her self esteem through pole dancing.

“I was a very shy office worker. I was usually the one to hold my friend’s purses when we went out (dancing) and  I did not have much confidence,” she said.

But after she tried out her first spin on the pole she was addicted and began driving long distances to take more pole dancing classes. 

“I’m so hooked, everything is about pole,” Brianna said.

In May, she will compete in the Atlantic Pole Competition in Herndon.

To encourage women to try it, Doll House offers several free classes.

The first class is automatically free and the second class is free too, if you bring a friend, Brianna said.

See the entire range of classes and prices at dollhousepolefitness.com


Read about Aradia Fitness in part one of our pole dancing series. 


Kismet May March 07, 2013 at 02:10 PM
Jamie: Are you in on this with me? It is great exercise and can be fun and full of laughs!!!! :-)
tracy Williams March 07, 2013 at 03:33 PM
Love Doll House Pole Fitness. Von is an amazing and encouraging teacher. Its a great workout while learning a skill. I would recommend all women try it out!
Jamie M. Rogers March 07, 2013 at 10:53 PM
Hey Kismet! Uh, yeah! I'm with you!
Suzanne Sorrell March 08, 2013 at 07:02 AM
Jamie, I want to go with you guys!
Jamie M. Rogers March 08, 2013 at 03:01 PM
Suzanne, do I feel a private pole party coming on???? awwwww, yeah.


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