Old Dominion Speedway Could Be Leaving Manassas

Old Dominion Speedway has been located in Manassas for nearly 60 years, but it could be moving to a new home not in Prince William County.

Manassas' Old Dominion Speedway could be moving to a new location, south of Prince William County, InsideNova.com reported today.

The venue's owner, Steve Britt, told the local newspaper he's looking to move the raceway south on I-95, due to the increase of residential neighborhoods surrounding its current location on Dumfries Road. He said this and future plans for the area are reasons behind the move. 

The move would likely happen after the 2013 season and the area could be rezoned residential.

Old Dominion Speedway has been located in Manassas for nearly 60 years. The new racetrack site Britt is considering could boast an auto industry theme, complete with restaurants and go-kart track, according to InsideNova.com.

The local raceway has been home to the Joe Gibbs Youth for Tomorrow NASCAR DAY for two years. The event is very popular in the area and features celebrity go-car races, a parade, motorcycle and monster truck show, fireworks and the chance to meet professional NASCAR drivers and Redskins players, among other activties. 

The event benefits Youth for Tomorrow—a residential, counseling and educational center started by Joe Gibbs in 1986 that houses at-risk youth, ages 11-18.

It's also the location where local celebrity and got his first taste of Go-Kart racing at the age of 4. 

Wayne March 03, 2012 at 12:08 AM
It's been making noise for more years than the homes were nearby.
Daddy's Girl March 08, 2012 at 09:51 PM
I grew up at the Race Track My Daddy and family was apart of a team and my Daddy was a driver. Any one that complains about the noise has not gone to a race nor taken their children or grandchildren to a race.The only reason they are going to move the track is for money. They were going to leave "us" about 6 yrs ago to sell the land to a devloper for houses then the deal fell thru at the last minute and they hope "we" manassas good people would still support them! If you don't believe me research the newspaper archives. The Gore's own more than this track the don't need to "close" our track to open their new fun themeish one! Sell the Track to our City/ County and then we can make a profit off of it. and we can keep something around from the past for my kids to injoy with their Daddy Like I did with my Daddy!
Calvin Wilt May 30, 2012 at 11:15 PM
These guys and there familys that race want to do there thing once a week for a few hours , is that to much to ask , you people that complain are part of the snob community . Also people while in the area spend money and help the local community , I guess it would be ok to have wine tasting events in the area !!!!.
Calvin Wilt May 30, 2012 at 11:20 PM
The county should consider buying it and put a good promotor in charge , Old Dominion is part of the county history and Nascar history . It would be a shame to let the SNOBS take it away !!!!
Barry Clemons November 19, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Going to miss ODS a lot! Been going there for over 45 years, lots of good memories. Guess we need more homes in an already cluttered northern va. What a dam shame!!!


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