Prince William Hospital in Manassas to Undergo Name Change

The hospital located off Sudley Road in Manassas will become Novant Health Prince William Center as part of a new branding campaign.

Prince William Hospital in Manassas is set to undergo a name change and become Novant Health Prince William Medical Center, the hospital announced this week.

Novant Health—the North Carolina-based umbrella organization over the Manassas hospital—is executing the name change as part of a strategic plan to unify and brand all of its 13 facilities in four different states, hospital officials said.

 All of hospital names in the system will eventually carry the brand name “Novant Health", according to a release issued by the system. 

 “Over the past 15 years, Novant Health has grown into a sizeable regional health system,” Carl Armato, president and CEO of Novant Health said in the release.

 “In 2013, we will formally join our system under one brand to better serve our communities and bring efficiencies to our operations. Together, our employees and physician partners will unify to create an unmatched healthcare experience for our patients.”

 The system is expected to begin rolling out its new brand across the board in April.

And with the new brand comes the adoption of a new logo that hospital administrators say will signify the strength of Novant Health.

The new logo and the brand identity will be incorporated throughout the year in all Novant Health care facilities.

 “We have made significant progress to transform healthcare, but the next, logical step in our journey is to tie our system together,” Armato said. 

“By unifying under the Novant Health brand, we are signaling to our patients and our communities that whether you seek care at a Novant Health facility in North or South Carolina—or Northern Virginia or Georgia—you should expect an unmatched experience including access when and where our patients want it at an affordable price. We want to make healthcare remarkable. That is our promise.”

 Patients and passersbys will probably first notice the visual changes to the hospital, but it’s more important to note the system’s steps to make healthcare “remarkable,” said Melissa Robson, president of Prince William Health System and chief operating officer of the Northern Virginia Market.

 Novant Health is also implementing open access for patients along with real-time online appointment scheduling, e-visits and collaborative patient-clinician care, staff said. 

 Since its inception in 1997, Novant Health officials said the system has been reaching out to improve patient care.

 The Novant Health system’s “search and rescue” program has diagnosed about 5,000 previously undiagnosed cases of Type 2 diabetes by screening all the patients it admits for the condition, staff said.

 The health system also won the Codman Award for its 2005 hand-washing  campaign, memorable because it focused on patient safety and encouraged them to have a proactive role in their health care, Novant Health staff said. 

 Three years after the hand-washing campaign started, hospital officials said cases of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) a type of staph infection, dropped 63 percent. Meanwhile more than 3,000 hospitals emulated Novant Health's program, staff said.

 More information on the system’s changes is at NovantHealth.org/remarkable.

What do you think of the new name and forthcoming signage at Novant Health Prince William Medical Center? Will people refer to the hospital by its new name right away? Tell us in the comments.

A Past Donor March 01, 2013 at 01:02 AM
Prince William Medical Center is transforming our community hospital into the 21st century. I will always support our hospital, no matter what the name! Excellent care and caring people.
TLN it Str8 March 01, 2013 at 01:08 AM
I'm so sorry for your loss and your bad experiences. I guess we all can't have great experiences all the time like I have. I've dealt with PWCH ER about 20 times in the last few years and 19 of those were good experiences. The one bad one was due to triage. I mentioned it when the hospital called to talk to me about a possible incident (I'd sent my husband home with our tired toddler son rather than have him wait and the nurses in recovery mistakenly thought the staff had sent him home)....I clarified that and then told them about my triage experience. They jumped on it and I corresponded with me several times after that so they could properly address the problem. That's the ONLY time I've ever had a complaint about them. Heck even the food was awesome when I was there for a few days. I got to order what I wanted for my meals...unlike INOVA where you get what they sent you or you got to choose Meal 1 or Meal 2. And I absolutely adore the Free Valet service and the guys who do it. Five or six of my mother's doctors are in the hospital and without the Valet all her appointments would be so much more stressful. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss, and I hope your son is now, and remains, healthy.
A Momma that cares March 01, 2013 at 01:50 AM
I was just wondering "A Past Donor" are you still a donor? How long have you live in our town? I didn't realize our hospital has changed it's name yet? Your reply is stating that it has. I don't quite understand your comment that this "is transforming our community hospital into the 21st century", by just changing our hospitals sign!? That IS what this article is about and asked to reply for isn't it? You don't happen to work for the Corporation do you? hmm? Ps... No one has ever said anything about the people period! I agree that the people that work in our hospital are hard working caring people that I feel should not be brought up in this discussion. : )
Ted Ratchet March 04, 2013 at 01:30 PM
You'll notice the word "hospital" has been removed... this is because the new Haymarket Hospital (in a more affluent area with better health care coverage dollars in play) will be the focus of quality hospital care in western Prince William. Manassas (a less affluent area with more government insured / uninsured) is going to get less resources and attention. It is healthcare's version of reverse-gentrification, and this is why Novant bought Prince William Hospital and what was known as PWHS, the Prince William Health System.
Angela Conyers May 17, 2013 at 05:18 PM
They need more than a name change. They need better care! My husband was sent home from the ER last month after being DX with a stroke. He was very confused and disoriented. His brain was still swelling. 3 days later, Sentara admitted him and gave him the needed steroids and told us about the 5cm mass in his brain that Prince William Hospital didn't bother to disclose. He now has brain damage! Thanks Prince William Hospital for not caring.


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