Exofab Smartphone Covers: Sticky Covers Make Better Selfies!

Tools like Woodbridge-based exofab to handle selifes are in-demand
Tools like Woodbridge-based exofab to handle selifes are in-demand

Greek exofab Gel Guards Coming to USA

There are now over 31 million “selfies” posted to Instagram. Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie was retweeted two millions times in a day on public tweets. Twitter now has 500 million users. Managing the hardware is more important so folks can self-promote.

A Greek company with US Offices in Woodbridge called exofab is coming to the U.S. market with a smart gel guard for smartphone protection. Already selling all across Europe, the sleek Greek gel guard maker uses 3M adhesive technology so you can stick the phone on almost any surface to take a selfie.

What’s also cool is that the gel is a resin which is malleable enough to need just .03 to 1.6 millimeter thickness to protect smartphones from impact or plastic shockwaves. The resin gel is also “self-healing.” You can puncture the guard and it molds back together.

George Boosalis is bringing this exofab product to market. He’s starting in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue. Why? Because celebs across Europe are already taking to the phone gel guard to post selfies, tweet from exotic places (think beaches) and generally looking cool.

“Smartphone cases are too hard,” said Boosalis. “We wanted to invent something with 3M that fits in a pocket. I don’t want people to lose the feel of the smartphone, the aesthetic, sleek design originally intended. Our smart gel cover hits a trendy, niche market right now.”

So it seems to me that the smart phone case has a “space” for sports teams, consumer brand, corporate products and social or charity messaging and advertising that isn’t branding Apple or Samsung!

George’s wife, Kalomira, is an international award-winning artist and winner of the “Fame Story” Greek talent contest, a singer and model who has drawn interest from Hollywood. Kalomira is screen testing in Los Angeles now and of course will be wearing her exofab gel case on her hip! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalomira

Exofab’s (www.usa.exofab.com) smartphone gel guard comes in Banana Split, Blue Scooter, Mocha, Cotton Candy and even a Day-Glo colors to help us find our phones! It also has an outer “hermitically sealed” water resistant plastic pouch.

George and his wife will be at a 4A’s conference next week talking with Agency Creative Directors about what they can do with smartphone cover space. In Europe, “gel buttons” are cool. Soccer teams, country flags, and customized brand buttons are used over the “hole” where we see an Apple logo.

Hey, think of “your ad here” walking billboards and consumer engagement campaigns.

Mike Smith is CEO of MSBD, Inc. (www.msbdinc.com) in Reston and is speaker at the 4A’s forum in New York.

On a personal note: 

One personal incident happened at my backyard hot tub. With the high school football squad and my son’s buddies texting or tweeting their posse enjoying a hot tub party – one young man handed me his two-day old IPhone 5S device. Of course we dropped it in the 100F + degree water. We thought what if there were a water protection for swimmers, outdoor enthusiasts and beach vacationers as they transmit. Well, now there is with exofab gel guards.


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