Northern VA Author is MMA Sponsor

Fairfax martial artist and author Phillip Allen Humphries and his company, Lucky Buzzard LLC, are sponsors of local and regional MMA.  Lucky Buzzard sponsors female fighter Maddy "MadHatter" Simmons, Titans of the Cage MMA Promotions of Wytheville, VA as well as MMA-insider.com. "Madhatter" Simmons will face a South African opponent in a televised MMA bout in January.

Humphries, who has a popular self defense column on AllExperts.com, is the author of the martial fantasy thriller "Legend of the Four Dragons Sword" which is available internationally on amazon.com in paperback and Kindle edition.

Humphries works for the US Government within the national security community and is a 5th Dan under Dr. Jim Thomas and USA Martial Arts Alliance.  Humphries also holds a black belt under the legendary Gary Dill of JKD fame.  Phil, an MMA enthusiast, will be taking up the study of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the new year.


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