Postmaster's Collection at Manassas Museum

Special exhibit—Postmaster's Private Stamp Collection: The Civil War—on display at Manassas Museum during the Second Battle of Manassas Commemoration in August.

The Manassas Museum is showcasing special exhibits during the upcoming Second Battle of Manassas commemoration Aug. 24-26.

One such exhibit is brought to you by nusmatic collector and Flint Hill Postmaster Lee Morrison and is called: Postmaster’s Private Stamp Collection: The Civil War

Morrison was invited to display his massive collection, consisting of over 100 items of interest to collectors and Civil War buffs, at the local museum for the entire commemorative weekend from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Aug. 24-26.

The collection, which has taken years to assemble, is for display only and is not for sale. Morrison is a postmaster himself at Flint Hill, VA, which is located west of Manassas.

Many of his items included displays of previous First Day Issues, as well as replica and commemorative guns and knives.  

The National Park Service (NPS) also hosted Morrison and his collection as part of the Virginia 150 year celebration of the 1st major land battle of the Civil War.

Editor's note: Larry Gibson contributed to this report.

Cindy Brookshire August 14, 2012 at 11:25 AM
It is worth the trip to see this exhibit, but also, to talk to Lee Morrison, a fascinating man, if you get the chance. I was visiting the community garden at Point of Woods one Saturday morning and he was sharing a stamp display and facts with his neighbors. He also had a display during Black History Month in City Hall.


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