Breast Cancer Survivor Launches 'Brave Girl Boxes' Campaign

How you can support a care package campaign from a Manassas woman.

Breast Cancer Survivor Launches 'Brave Girl Boxes' Campaign
Breast Cancer Survivor Launches 'Brave Girl Boxes' Campaign
A local breast cancer survivor wants to provide comfort to newly diagnosed cancer patients with "Brave Girl Boxes." And she's asking for help on GoFundMe.com, a fundraising website.

Melissa McAllister, 38, was diagnosed and treated last year for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer and found that items sent from friends and families helped lift her spirits.

"I want to help provide a gift of love, generosity and recognition for newly diagnosed women so they know they are not alone," McAllister writes on the site.

The boxes will include items that helped her get through the diagnosis and treatment, along with items recommended by other survivors.

"My wish is to provide newly diagnosed patients with a sense that they're not alone and they can bravely move ahead and fight!" McAlister writes. "I envision this box and its contents as they are each opened, making women everywhere smile and feel that people (people they may not even know) care about them. People are rooting for their survival!"  

McAlister is documenting some of her early success on the Brave Girl Boxes Facebook page, including recent donations of jewelry and quilts to be included in the boxes.


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