Nerdfighters of DC Raising Funds for Yule Ball

Mission? To decrease world "suck."

GoFundMe and Patch are combining forces. (Patch stock photo.)
GoFundMe and Patch are combining forces. (Patch stock photo.)
A group established for people who say they didn't exactly fit in in grade school is raising money for their annual Yule Ball this year. 

The Nerdfighters of the Greater DC Area, a group bound together by the cause, "to decrease world suck" is trying to raise $400 bucks through GoFundMe. See the page here

One of the ways the Nerdfighters do what they can to decrease the "suckiness" in the world is by pooling their funds to give micro loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva.org, according to a WAMU.org article on the group. 

This year's Yule Ball is described as a "prom for nerds" and they need money to rent a venue and take care of other costs associated with the gathering, said Abby Picard, the creator of the GoFundMe page for the cause. 

So far, the group has received $240 toward their goal of $400. 



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