Man Accused of Running Over Officer Admitted to Mental Health Hospital

Robert Daniel Washington III, of Manassas area, will be treated at a state psychiatric facility.

A mentally ill man who ran over a police officer almost a year ago will be committed to a state psychiatric facility for treatment, according to Insidenova reports.

A circuit judge said Friday he agreed with the findings of mental health experts  and ordered that Robert Washington III be treated at a state hospital.

It is unclear what conditions he suffers from.

Patch reported earlier this summer that Washington was found not guilty by reason of insanity in June of charges he faced in connection with the injury of Manassas Park Police Officer Brian Sproule.

Washington had been charged with attempted murder of an area police officer and malicious wounding of a law enforcement officer.

in March to drop Washington’s two lesser charges — leaving the scene of an accident and drug possession.

 while responding to an incident in the Brandy Station neighborhood of Manassas Park. Testimony revealed Sproule shot Washington as he tried to leave the scene.

Both were treated at Fairfax Hospital. Washington was released after one week of treatment. Sproule received 15 staples in his head and was released.

Sproule declined to comment on the verdict.

Jamie August 27, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Yeah right.. Uh huh! Insane my foot!!!!!! I'm sure that the drug possession they got him on as well as the leading cause of his uh, insanity? I always say that the term mentally ill is so over used and a crutch! First , you take a person that is already not too stable to begin with, add some booze and or alcohol ... and then continue doing this as a daily part of your pathetic existence and i'm sure at some point , your body is going to want to vomit back up all the sickness you have been feeding it... I don't think the charges should of been dismissed.. I'm sick of seeing those responsible for violent acts treated with leniency .. Its a dangerous message to send out... I hope the cop is doing well these days.


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