How to Organize Your Closet Like A Pro

Great tips for organizing your closet.

Sometimes you have to let things go so there is room for better things in your life.  ~ Unknown

Talk about satisfying projects!   Organizing a closet ranks right up there with organizing a garage – it just feels so good to have it done.   You could almost spend hours just staring at the beauty of an organized closet.   But, how do you get there?  Start here to clear the clutter and get a grasp on it!

1. One Closet at a Time.  Don’t (repeat DO NOT) attempt to organize more than one closet at a time.  You will be  frustrated and more than likely, will end up with a big mess, leaving you feeling more overwhelmed than when you started.

2. Clear Some Room to Spread Out.  You will be taking pretty much everything out of your closet, so making sure you have some place to put your clothes and other items is essential.

3. Ask These Key Questions for each item.   Have you worn it in the last year?  Is it still in style?  Does it still fit?  If you are holding on to an item because you are trying to lose weight to fit into it, be sure to that you are actively trying to lose weight.  If not, you guessed it, toss it!  Remember, to make a decision about each item right there.

4. Create Piles.  You will want to create 3 piles:  (1) Toss – these items have holes in them or are too worn out or out of style to be donated; (2) Donate – these items are in good condition and in style; (3) Keep – these items include the ones you love, wear and fit properly.   If you find that you have items that need repairs (need stitching, hemmed, etc.), you can add a fourth pile.

5. Create a Start Fresh Box.  If you find that you are having a hard time separating from an item or items, put them in a box and mark it with a date 6 months from now.   In 6 months, if you haven’t gone into that box, the box and its contents should be tossed or donated.  Ideally, without opening it, but that’s not likely to happen for most people.

6.  Quick Cleaning.  While the closet is empty, run the vacuum and dust the shelves before putting your clothes and other items back in.

7.  Return Clothing to the ClosetOrganize your closet by work and casual clothing by item type (shirts, pants, jackets, etc.), then group them by color.

Other Tips for a Great Closet:

  • Arrange clothes so that the ones you wear the most often are in front of the closet.
  • Don’t store matching tops and bottoms together – this will give you more options for mixing and matching.
  • Use storage containers for items like belts, scarves, purses and ties.   You can use what you already have, there is usually no need to go out and purchase new items.  Only purchase new items once you have decluttered (not before).   This way you will be sure to buy the appropriate amount for the items you decided to keep.
  • Store sweaters and sweatshirts on shelves.  Hang pants, jackets, button-down shirts and skirts.
  • Everything gets a home!  Designate a spot for everything – a shelf, section of rod, drawer, etc.  You are more likely to put things away when there is a designated home for your items.
  • Off-season clothes can be stored in another area – under the bed or basement storage.  Rotate them each season.

Do you have any tips for keeping your closet organized?  Please share it in the comments.

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