Yorkshire Restaurant Clear Favorite in Best Breakfast Poll

Yorkshire Restaurant clear winner with 80 percent of the vote.

Hear ye, Hear ye,

Let it be known to all that Yorkshire Manor has the best breakfast in all thy lands belonging to his majesty Prince William by decree of his royal subjects.

 Translation: Prince William, Manassas and Manassas Park residents have spoken. Yorkshire Restaurant has the best friggin' breakfast on this side of Bull Run and, quite possibly, in the world.

 We decided to have a little fun this week by using Yorkshire’s Old English theme to announce its total domination of this week’s Readers’ Choice poll.

 The restaurant, named for the area where it’s located in eastern Prince William County, has a very loyal following. There might be more people loyal to Yorkshire than to the actual British crown.

 Your Patch editor and her found this out the hard way after the publishing of

 People were irate and, quite frankly, seemed like they were ready to form a lynch mob because Salt and Pepper didn’t revere the restaurant as so many do.

After eating there for the first time a year ago, I have to agree with the 151 Reader’s Choice voters who picked Yorkshire Restaurant this week.

 The chain resturant came in a distant second with 13 votes; came in third with 10 votes.

 The popular places of and , both on Liberia Avenue in Manassas, tied with and for fourth place with just 1 percent of the vote each.

Honorable mentions include just outside of Manassas Park on Route 28.

Jamie April 01, 2012 at 04:06 AM
Not surprising. I have long frequented the long standing restaurant. I love Yorkshire for all your eating needs! So, no sass and as mama would say, you have nothing good to say, keep your trap shut.... Good day =)
Carol Crigger April 11, 2012 at 08:37 PM
Yorkshire is by far the best. I have been eating there , now & then, for over 45 years. At least once a week. Yummy breakfast the best anywhere at a really reasonable price. Good food and good price can't be beat. You ought to try.


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