Manassas Firefighters Save Christmas for Family With Four Children

Manassas firefighters donated clothes to a family with four children whose home was damage by fire on Thursday.

The Manassas Fire and Rescue squad went well beyond their call of duty when they collected toys and clothes for a family whose home was damaged by fire right before Christmas.

The department's A-squad responded to a fire started by a clothes dryer on Oakgrove Court on Thursday.

They quickly stamped out the blaze, but the fire caused extensive smoke damage to the home, ruining their possessions and forcing them to move into a Red Cross-provided hotel room for a few days, Manassas city officials said.

Knowing that Christmas was right around the corner for the family, which includes four children, fire and rescue officials began working to collect donations of toys and clothes.

Manassas Fire Lt. Jerry Smith delivered the items to the family on Sunday, saving Christmas for the entire family, especially the children, Manassas staff said.


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