Murder Charge in Toddler's Death Goes to Grand Jury

Father accused of killing small child for insurance money; Judge determines Monday that there's probable cause in case.

A Manassas City father charged with first-degree murder in the drowning death of his young son is expected to face a grand jury this spring. A judge ruled Monday that there was probable cause in the case, according to a report by WJLA.

Joaquin Shadow Rams, 40, of Landgreen Street in the City of Manassas, is , in October 2012.

Court documents released in February show that Manassas City Police detectives accuse Rams of taking out a life insurance policy on the boy —and falsely claiming the tot's mother was dead.

Warrant Presents Case Against Rams

In an affidavit for a search warrant filed in Prince William County Circuit Court on Jan. 25, police said that their investigation had produced conflicting accounts of the boy's death, and that the toddler did not have a seizure as Rams claimed. 

Rams had court-ordered visitation with his son for two Saturdays a month. Prince died during one of the first few visits. Rams told police that he put the child in his crib, and sometime later, heard rasping noises. 

"Rams told police that he suspected [Prince] was having a seizure," the warrant signed by Detective M.L. Merritt states. "Rams told police that he picked [Prince] up from his crib, carried him to the bathtub, removed his clothing and diaper, and put water on him. Thereafter, rescue was called to the scene."

Household members gave different accounts, the warrant claims. One person said that he saw Prince on his back in the bathtub that was filled with two to three inches of water. He told police he saw Rams throwing water onto Prince. 

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scott April 23, 2013 at 12:32 PM
What a SCUMBAG! A baby, and his own Son! So after he's convicted, I suggest a creative sentence; Death by drowning! Simply put him in a boat, handcuff this animal's hands behind his back, and about a half mile out, push him overboard. But the reality is, he will go to prison for life where he will be ENTITLED food, snacks, a warm bed, a TV, and conjucal visits with some bimbo and possibly Father another child. Or, like baby killer Casey Anthony, he might convince a jury that the witnesses are lying, H's a real nice guy, and the evidence, is open to interpretation!


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