Police: Manassas Arrest Key to Finding Body of Police Captain

Four gang members now face charges in death of Waynesboro Police Captain Kevin Quick, five others face charges related to case.

Four gang members now face charges in death of Waynesboro Police Captain Kevin Quick, five others face charges related to case.
Four gang members now face charges in death of Waynesboro Police Captain Kevin Quick, five others face charges related to case.
The investigation and arrest of a suspect in an unrelated case in Manassas was key to recovering the body of Waynesboro Police Captain Kevin Quick, according to Prince William County Police.

In a lengthy Facebook message titled, "Beyond the Call of Duty," the department lays out the events on Feb. 6, 2014 at a Manassas-area hotel. It had been a week since Quick had last been seen, but his car was spotted Feb. 1 in Manassas.

Due to arrests and suspect interviews on unrelated charges early Feb. 6 by Officer Daniel Sekely and other PWC officers, Quick's body was recovered later that day in Goochland. Last week, four gang members were indicted in Quick's death and five others face charges related to the case, including Manassas-area gang members.

Here is the message posted by Prince William County Police on Facebook:

In the early morning hours of February 6, 2014, Officer Daniel Sekely and Officer Jeffrey McKinney were conducting surveillance near a hotel in Manassas.  They were attempting to locate a wanted gang member who had been a participant in a recent stabbing.   While in the area, Officer McKinney observed a man walking in the area who looked similar to the wanted person.  Officer Sekely met with the man and began to talk with him.  At first, he was uncooperative with Officer Sekely and refused to provide any identification or answer any questions.  Officer Sekely continued to talk with him and eventually he provided his identity.  At this point, Officer McKinney had joined Officer Sekely and by using police databases they confirmed that he was the wanted person and arrested him.

While searching the man, the officers located drugs, cash, and a hotel key card.  Deciding to investigate further, they went to the hotel room.   Officer Benjamin Ware arrived on scene and sat with the arrested man in the police car while Officers Sekely and McKinney went into the hotel.

When the officers went to the room, they found a man, a woman and an infant.  Officer Sekely obtained consent to search the room.  Additional officers arrived to assist with the search and to detain the occupants during the search.  Officer Matthew Unger documented the search while Officer Mack assisted with the search of the room.  They immediately located a fully loaded handgun, drugs and paraphernalia.  Several drug items were within reach of the infant.  Officer Mack then contacted Child Protective Services.  A family member was located who came to take custody of the baby.

After the search was complete Officer Sekely took this time to try talking to the original person they had arrested.  He was not forthcoming, and it was reluctant to talk with Officer Sekely.  While transporting him to the police station Officer Sekely continued to speak with him.  His behavior indicated that he had a something on his mind.  Officer Sekely followed his instincts, and knew there was something he wanted to talk about.  Officer Sekely continued to try and talk with him.  He then told Officer Sekely he had information about the disappearance of a Waynesboro Police Captain.  Later that day, the body of Captain Kevin Quick was recovered. 

Officer Sekely went above and beyond his duty.  His proactive actions that began as a simple surveillance assignment led to the confiscation of drugs, the safety of an 8 month old child and the confirmation of a horrific crime and the recovery of a missing police captain.  Officer Sekely’ s  outstanding instincts told him there was more to this story, even though he didn’t know what exactly.  His decision to continue to press for the truth led to the resolution of several major crimes.  While there are no words that can express the sadness for the family of this fellow law enforcement officer, Officer Sekely’ s actions led to the discovery of Captain Quick’s body.  His family no longer had to wonder where their loved one was and what had happened that caused him to die. 

Officer Sekely, Officer McKinney, Officer Ware, Officer Unger and Officer Mack worked together as a team.  This case would never have been so successful had it not been for their dedication, thoroughness, attention to detail and incredible teamwork.  Congratulations to these officers for a job well done. 


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