Staples Store Employee Accused of Stealing from Business

It happened at the store on Liberia Avenue in the City of Manassas.

An employee theft case was reported at Staples on Liberia Avenue  in Manassas.
An employee theft case was reported at Staples on Liberia Avenue in Manassas.
An employee of a local office supply store is accused of stealing money and merchandise, Manassas City Police reports show. 

John Wesley Perkins, 19, of Barrington Park Circle is charged with grand larceny and felony embezzlement, according to the reports. 

Police responded to Staples at 9890 Liberia Ave. on Aug. 27 where the loss prevention manager told them an employee, the suspect, had taken money and goods from the store within the last month. 

The suspect was taken into custody and taken to the adult detention center, booked and released. He is expected to appear in court on Oct. 8 on the charges.  
Peter September 09, 2013 at 07:16 AM
Seem ironic that a store that consistently rips off the public through raising prices for back to school and having lower prices on the shelf than what rings up, would actually prosecute someone for stealing.
jalefema September 09, 2013 at 01:53 PM
So, Peter, you're saying it should be OK for the employee to steal from Staples, just because you don't like how they do business? If the law worked like that, there wouldn't be much use in having laws, now would there? And I would seriously doubt that the employee did what he allegedly did out of some moral obligation to even the score. Honestly!
Peter September 10, 2013 at 06:54 AM
No, jalefema it is never Ok to steal, nor is it ethical or legal for businesses to charge more for items than what they are marked on the shelf. I do agree the employee was not trying to even the score. I just find it irritating that every time you buy something and it rings up for more than what it is marked on the shelf, management is very indifferent.


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