Suspect Accused of Kicking, Spitting on PWC Officers

Investigators said the suspect was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Prince William County Police said an intoxicated man kicked and spat on officers when they tried to put him in a police cruiser Saturday night.

Twenty-year-old Jose Ramirez-Alvarado is charged with assault and battery, police reports show.

The incident began at a traffic stop at 2:24 a.m. at Sudley Road and Sudley Manor Drive in Manassas.

During the stop the suspect allegedly became increasingly irate and was arrested. He then began kicking and spitting while he was being placed in the back of the police car for transportation to jail.

Bond information and a court date were not available.

Joseph P Cirone January 06, 2013 at 06:25 PM
Read this week's stories on Patch.com that relate to police officers being assaulted and spat upon, then read the stories with the sexual assaults/rapes. The trend seems to be the 20-30 year old crowd doing it most often.What does that tell us? One - people no longer fear or respect the police or other authority figures (firefighters, teachers, etc.); Two - The amount of sexual assault is unacceptable and we need harsher punishment for assaulting any public employee and for those committing sexual crimes (which are violent, not sexual acts by the way). Who is to blame? I suggest the parents and society as a whole. Parents no longer discipline the way they used to and need to and society keeps passing laws that prevent good parrenting (spanking a child gets one arrested these days) and softer punishment (it is now inhumane to lock someone up for along time, better to have them in society with a bracelet we are being told - HOGWASH) Until we let people know that public servants are here to help and not be spat upon or assaulted and women are not here to be preyed upon, we will continue having these problems and more. Let's take back our country! Let's respect and honor our military, public servants and our women and daughters and do it NOW


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