IRS: Most Taxpayers Can File Income Tax Returns Beginning Jan. 30

Some people will have to wait until February or March to file because they need a more extensive form.

Most U.S. taxpayers can go forward with filing their tax returns as early as Jan. 30, but a few will have to wait until closer to the April 15 deadline to file, according to the IRS.

The IRS originally planned to began accepting tax returns as early as Jan. 22, but some late changes to the U.S. tax law under the American Tax Relief Act went into effect this month, pushing the opening date to the end of January, IRS spokesman Mark Hanson said.

The act required IRS employees to change several forms and instructions and make changes to its processing system before the agency can begin accepting tax returns.

About 120 million household can probably go forward with filing returns this month including people affected by the Alternative Minimum Tax patch and those claiming deductions for local and state sales tax, educators' expenses  and higher education, the spokesman said.

Those with more complicated filings will probably have to wait until February or March or file for a extension and pay later this year, the IRS notes.

People who typically do this are those who claim residential energy credits, depreciation of property and general business credits, according to an IRS release.

Click here for a list of forms and filing type that won't be accepted until later in the year. 

Hanson said the IRS is working with tax software companies and tax preparers to avoid delays and mixups.

Whenever you file, the IRS recommends filing electronically. Taxpayers will receive their refunds much faster by using e-file with direct deposit. Last year more than 80 percent of taxpayers filed electronically. For more information visit IRS.gov.


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