Letter: Manassas Must Fight

"Like in the two civil war battles that share our name we must choose to stand and fight. We must stand and fight for better education and accountability"—Ian Lovejoy, Candidate for City Council May 1.

Soon the 2012 municipal elections will be behind us.  The letters to the editor will stop, the mail outs will abate and what I’m sure will be referred to by future historians as “the yard sign war of 2012” will draw to a peaceful close.  The prize to the victors will be the most difficult job in Manassas.

I don’t fit the mold of your typical Manassas City councilman.  I don’t live in a nice single family home or on a street with century-old oak trees.  I live in a modest townhome in what many consider a less-than-ideal neighborhood.  I’ve committed myself to bettering that neighborhood and broader community.  I’ve spent countless hours volunteering in Old Town, supporting our businesses by setting up events, directing traffic and earning a slew of Historic Manassas volunteer t-shirts in the process.   I’ve worked diligently for the public school system as board member and president of our city’s education foundation, which supports teachers and students alike.  Volunteering on city boards and commissions has also given me invaluable insight into how our city works.

As Director of Operations of a national medical supply company, I’ve had to make the tough calls.  I’ve hired.  I’ve fired. I’ve managed budgets and navigated federal bureaucracy all while starting my own small business on the side out of my basement.  I have no fear of hard work or complex issues and have learned to lead and forge compromise through my corporate and civic works.

More than any other candidate, I’ve campaigned on a specific plan of action to improve the lives of everyone in Manassas.  From a cost-effective approach to bring back the core of Parks and Recreation, to drawing attention to our city’s lack of even a basic economic development website, our neighboring localities are besting us in these areas and we can and must do better.

I am a champion for community engagement and volunteerism and over the course of knocking close to 3,000 doors, I’ve reached into our community to learn directly the wants and needs of our citizens.

My positive, ideas driven message has picked up the endorsements of our community leaders including our delegate, mayor and several sitting members of council.  In the end it’s not what I bring to city council but what I don’t bring.  I bring no biases, no sacred cows, no pet projects or entrenched dogmas—simply the desire to move our city forward.  I bring the right balance of experience and fresh perspective our city desperately needs.

At the convention in January my speech ran long and I was unable to deliver my closing remarks.  They are as relevant now as they were then:

It is fitting our motto is “rich in historic interest” because it’s time for Manassas to once again make history.  Like in the two civil war battles that share our name we must choose to stand and fight.  We must stand and fight for better education and accountability.  We must stand and fight to stem the tide of blight and dilapidation.  We must stand and fight for streamlined, responsive government aimed at benefitting the most and not the few.  As your councilman and with your help that will be my fight.

I hope to earn your vote May 1.

Ian Lovejoy

Republican Candidate for Manassas City Council

Russ Harrison April 28, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Mr. Lovejoy has already been working to make Massas a better place to live for years. He has done the hard work behind the scenes to organize, plan and lead many of the great civic events Manassas residents take for granted. He will be a great addition to our City Council. I will be supporting him on May 1 and I encourage all of Manassas to do the same.
GVTaxpayerDown April 28, 2012 at 02:32 PM
Mr. Lovejoy deserves the opportunity to serve on a Council that will benefit from his ideas and high energy level.
Ian Lovejoy April 28, 2012 at 11:16 PM
To Learn more visit www.Lovejoy4Manassas.com


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