Manassas Cemetery Lottery for Residents Opens Sept. 4

There is a limited number of burial plots available so, to be fair, the city decided to have a lottery and a random drawing.

Manassas Cemetery in Manassas Virginia.
Manassas Cemetery in Manassas Virginia.
The lottery for Manassas residents wanting a new burial plot in the Manassas Cemetery opens Sept. 4. 

City officials decided to have a lottery as a fair way to decide who gets the small number of plots available in the cemetery, located just off Center Street in Manassas. 

Read more about city council and the cemetery plans: New Burial Plots Expected to be in "High Demand" at Manassas Cemetery.

The cemetery has been sold out since the 1940s, but plans for an expansion of the grounds will create 124 new burial plots. 
The new plots will face East and will be in the southwestern portion of the cemetery, abutting the Harley Davidson dealership.

The plots are $4,000 each and are about 3.5 feet wide and 10 feet long, city officials told council members in July. Each winning applicant and purchase up to two lots, based on availability. 

The lottery will stay open for about a month, until Oct. 4 at 3 p.m. Applications will be available online on Sept. 4., in the City Clerk’s office at 9027 Center St. and in the city purchasing department office at 8500 Public Works Dr. 
The rules of the application process and the lottery drawing will be available online once the lottery opens. 

The lottery is open to any City of Manassas resident or property owner over the age of 18 as of Jan. 1, 2013.  Businesses, government agencies and funeral homes are ineligible for this lottery, city officials said. 

The actual drawing will be held later after authorities have verified that everyone who applied is indeed eligible for the plots. 

Those selected in the drawing will be assigned a numerical designation in the order they are selected and will be notified in that order, city staff said. 
Call the Manassas City purchasing office at 703-257-8368.


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