Manassas Police Officers Win Medal of Valor, Honorable Service Medal

Manassas Police Officers Adam Plourde and Chris Golick received Medals of Valor while Officer D.T. Villanueva received the Honorable Service Award

Three Manassas City Police Officers were honored Monday evening before city  for their moments of quick action, caring and professionalism on the job this spring.

During a special presentation held in city council chambers packed with residents, law enforcement, family and friends of the honored, Manassas City Police Chief Doug Keen presented recognized the officers for their work.

On May 25, two Manassas officers help saved five people from a burning house in the Point of Woods neighborhood.

Officers Adam Plourde and Chris Golick were working in the area when they heard screams and noticed the house was on fire. After notifing E-911 dispatch of the blaze the two ran in and helped four people, including a child and an elderly person with a health problems, escape.

The officers questioned the survivors and discovered there was another person in an upstairs bedroom and ran back in to save that person, but had to retreat because the smoke was too thick. At that point, firefighters and rescue personnel arrived and were able to rescue that person, city officials said.  

“The service rendered by Officers Plourde and Golick demonstrated conspicuous gallantry,” Keen told city council Monday.  “It is my privilege to officially award the Medal of Valor to Officer A. Plourde and Officer C.J. Golick for going above and beyond the call of duty.”

Manassas Police Officer Dann Villanueva received the Honorable Service Award for his heroic efforts in saving a child who had fallen from a skateboard near Wellington and Cloverhill Roads. 

It happened the same day—May 25—as the other two officers' heroic efforts, the chief said.

A resident flagged Villanueva down and told him the child had fallen and was seriously injured.

When he arrived, the child was unconscious and not breathing.  Villanueva, along with another resident, performed CPR on the boy and managed to get a pulse just as EMS arrived. 

After contacting the boy's family and conducting a brief investigating into the incident, Villanueva discovered the injured boy had an existing heart condition. 

Villanueva shared information about the boy's condition with medical personnel.

The boy was flown to INOVA Fairfax Hospital where doctors determined he'd experienced an cardiac emergency. The boy has since made a full recovery, according to city officials.

“Medical personnel and family members agreed that Officer Villanueva’s actions saved this young man’s life,” Keen said.  “I commend his dedication to duty and recognize his efforts with the Honorable Service Medal.”




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