Manassas Rethinking Snow Clearing Budget

Spending for snow removal has nearly doubled what was budgeted this winter.

Manassas Rethinking Snow Clearing Budget. City of Manassas.
Manassas Rethinking Snow Clearing Budget. City of Manassas.
The City of Manassas is rethinking its budget for snow removal after a brutal winter that has cost nearly double what was allotted.

The city's Department of Public Works and Utilities budgets $250,000 a year for snow removal, according to a release on Manassas Patch. The city has spent approximately $425,000 on snow removal efforts, as of Feb. 28 — before snow started falling in Monday's winter blast.

"Between December 2013 and February 2014, Manassas City crews have been mobilized for nine snow-related events using approximately 1200 tons of salt, 200 tons of sands, 3600 gallons of ice ban liquid, 18 pieces of hired equipment, 18 pieces of Manassas City equipment and utilized 49 Manassas City employees," according to the release. 

Manassas City has contingency funds that will be used to pay for the additional snow removal. Approximately $51,000 of the snow budget was used for snow removal of Manassas City Schools, according to the release.

“It’s been a tough winter, not only because of the large amounts of snow, but cold temperatures are causing any melted snow to refreeze, and our crews then have to re-treat the icy roads,” said Mike Moon, director of public works and utilities for the City of Manassas.

Read more about the city's snow removal budget considerations.


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