No Deal: City, Train Depot Parking Lot Owner End Lease Agreement

Manassas City rented the parking lot for more than 25 years.

Screen shot of Manassas Train Depot. (Flickr MKDC.)
Screen shot of Manassas Train Depot. (Flickr MKDC.)
The City of Manassas is no longer leasing the popular parking lot in front of the Manassas Train Depot in Old Town Manassas. 

The city had leased the 57-space lot from the private owner Buchanan Living Trust since 1988,  Manassas City spokeswoman Patty Prince said. 
The lease was renewed every five years since that year, with some short-term lease agreements being signed at the end of 2013, as negotiations continued to place. 

The city and the company negotiated for more than a year but weren't able to reach an agreement about the lease, city officials said. 

Buchanan Living Trust also declined to sell the property to Manassas, so as of Jan. 18 the city no longer has any dealings with the lot, city officials said. 

What is now done with the lot is up to the private owner, Prince said. 

The city paid Buchanan Trust $45,590.44 in Fiscal Year 2013, which ended on June 30. 

To date, the City paid $25,355.17 for the current fiscal year, Prince said. 

"... This amount includes a check being cut on Friday for rent thru Jan. 17," she said. " Two factors figure in to the total amount paid each year; there is a base amount and a tax amount.  
The base amount is the amount laid out in the agreement and at least for the last four years, has increased 3 percent every November.  The tax amount varies each year depending on what the actual taxes are for the property." 

Patch could not obtain contact information for the Buchanan company on Tuesday to ask for a comment for this article. 

The Manassas Train Depot is home to Historic Manassas Inc. the nonprofit that operates the city's visitor center. The depot is also a stop on the Manassas Line of the Virginia Railway Express commuter train service. 


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