Osbourn Park Teacher Awarded $2,000 from Virginia Lottery

Ms. Christina Ross hit it big-and she didn't even have to gamble.

Wednesday wasn't the average dreaded hump day for Osbourn Park High teacher Christina Ross.

A day of teaching seniors suffering from spring fever was well rewarded when she discovered she'd won the Virginia Lottery Super Teacher Award which comes with a personal $2,000 check.

Award co-sponsor Supply Room Inc. also gave her a $2,000 classroom credit for supplies.

"Well, I'm going quit my second job," a smiling Ross said when asked what she was going to do with her award money.

The gift came as a total surprise to the Advanced Placement government teacher.

School administrators lured Ross and her class to the Osbourn Park library for the big reveal by making up a story about something being wrong with the roof over her classroom.

School maintenance had a ladder pulled out and all, Ross said.

"They went all out," Ross said. "I'm a little overwhelmed. I'm touched. This is what being famous feels like."

The former Capitol Hill legislative aid told the crowd that she's only a great teacher because her students are great.

Ross teaches Advanced Placement psychology and Advanced Placement Government mainly to high school seniors. 

Nick Stecco a senior and one of Ross' students said she's helping him and his classmates prepare for the challenging Advanced Placement government exam that's coming up in a matter of weeks.

"She really encouraging; she's one of the best teachers in this entire county, I'd say," Stecco said. "She never gives up on students. I just think that she does deserved it ... I'm not surprised that she got it."

"She uses technology a lot in most of our assignments which I think is a good thing. She's staying updated in the way you should be teaching. She's always there to help us out," said Jacob Coss who is also one of Ross' students.

This is the sixth year for the Virginia Lottery Super Teacher Awards. Each year, eight Virginia teachers are selected. Ross is the second one to receive the award this year.

Teachers are nominated and then selected by a board.

Osbourn Park Assistant Principal Cassandra Crawford, who nominated Ross, said she is deserving of the award because she teaches the students to apply what they learned about the political process and use it to help the community.

Ross' "Kids for Kicks" assignment allows students to conduct a shoe drive and fundraiser to support needy students from two local elementary schools.

"... Students write press releases, use Twitter and other media to spread the word; they create a lesson plan based on a second grade civic standards and then teach it at the elementary schools," Crawford said. "Students also reach out to government officials at various levels and build relationships with local businesses. Last year, more than 350 pairs of shoes and $2,500 were collected."

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