Scammers Place Fraudulent Calls to Manassas Utility Customers

City employees said the scammers call claiming to be the, "utility company" and demand a credit card payment.

The City of Manassas Public Works and Utilities Department has received several calls from residents who said they they were contacted by a fraudulent company. 

The fraudulent caller says he or she is the “utility company” and that they are going to shut off the person’s power unless a credit card number is given to the caller, city officials said.

Manassas public works or the utlity company employes would never ask for  a credit card number or for a social security number over the phone. 

If you are concerned about the status of your utilities, call the public works and utilities department at 703-257-8245. Do not give the caller any information. 

For more information about phone scams, visit manassascity.org.


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