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Old Treasures and Traditions retail building on busy Centreville Road slated for demolition.

The old Treasures and Traditions retail building, located at 9023 Centreville Rd., is slated for demolition, according to City of Manassas staff.

Director for the Office of Community Development for the City of Manassas Elizabeth Via-Gossman told council members at their last meeting that the property, which was for sale at one time, is on the same track as the house at .

The city is in the process of preparing bids for demolition of the Treasures and Traditions property for council to consider when they return from an August recess.

Via-Gossman told council at a recent meeting that a representative for the property owner had indicated the property owner would be doing the demolition, but Via-Gossman said no permits have been pulled to begin the work.

The city has already demolished at least two properties under Virginia's spot blight abatement law:

  • 9460 Wellington Rd. near Dean Drive
  • 9530 Prince William St. (across from )

Another prior to the Sesquicentennial events in July, 2011.

Changes to Virginia's Spot Blight law a year ago now allows local governments to be more proactive in dealing with properties in extreme disrepair. Manassas began utilizing the new ordinances for the first time in May of 2011 to deal with several properties.

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Cyndi Jonas Ray August 03, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Thank goodness! It's such an eye sore!!! Maybe we can talk Sonic into buying the lot!!!!! :)
Sharon wolford September 28, 2012 at 05:25 PM
The store was called Manassas Treasures. If you look close you can read it in the photograph. I sold the store and property in 2003-2004. "Treasures" was my baby for almost 20 years. The new owners also purchased Willard Press next door. I think they bit off more than they could chew. I hope they are able to put up a new building. I would like to see more places that help people. 'Treasures' employed many people that no one else would hire. People who just got released from jail, homeless people and suffering addicts and alcoholics who were down and out could come there for clothes, shoes, coats, and blankets, plus work flexible hours and days until they got back on their feet. It kept many people from getting desperate and committing crimes. The house was built in early 20th century. Before i moved in it was Ace Industries, a plumbing place. At one time there was a typewriter repair shop in the back. Many years ago the house use to be the place where people picked up their mail. The holly tree out front is one of the oldest in Manassas. Sharon Wolford


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