Case Dismissed Against Teacher Caught With Marijuana

Prosecutors decide not to pursue charges against an Osbourn High School teacher caught with marijuana last December.

Prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges against an Osbourn High School teacher caught with marijuana last December.

Aaron Bauknight is a business teacher at Osbourn High School, according to its website and was charged after the drug and a device used to smoke it was found in a car he occupied on Dec. 16 2010. 

According to court documents, Bauknight appeared in court Tuesday, Feb. 22, to face the misdemeanour charge but the case was dismissed.

 The status of the Baucknight’s case, according to court documents, was noted as ‘noelle prosequi,’ which according to the Virginia's Judicial System’s website is “a formal motion by the prosecuting officer in a criminal action, which states that he will no further prosecute the case.”

As a result, the judge dismissed the case.

Bauknight was placed on administrative leave after the incident, but is currently listed on Osbourn High School’s website as a business teacher.

Manassas City Public Schools Public Relations Specialist Al Radford said she 'believes' Bauknight is still employed with the school system, but said she would have to clarify his employment status with the Human Resources department.

Both Bauknight, 30, of the 9000 block of Coriander Circle in Manassas and Jacob Lavely, 24, of the 13500 block of Frost Drive in Nokesville were charged in the December incident after police were called to a street in Manassas for a suspicious vehicle report. The two men were found in the vehicle along with an undisclosed amount of marijuana and paraphernalia , according to Manassas City Police

According to court documents, Bauknight was not charged a fine but the ruling does carry a one-year probationary period at which point the charge could be reindicted.

Dan Telvock March 18, 2011 at 09:07 PM
Nolle prosequi. It means that the prosecutor is dropping the charge but he or she can bring the charge back up if the person gets in trouble again. It's as close as a dismissal as one can get without it really being dismissed.
Connor Jackson December 06, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Peanuts kill 600 people annually, and i bet you have no problem with your children eating them. The funny thing is, if it were anybody BUT a teacher they would've got an actual consequence. There is not 1 death by marijuana ever, New studies show that THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) can help generate brain cells, And THC freezes cancer cells. Legalizing marijuana would bring in about 5 billion dollars a year for the government, Not to mention saving taxpayers millions. In the bible it says, "every seed bearing plant, i put here for you." well if you look on the dollar bill....whats it say?...in god we trust.


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