Mayfield Goes Cajun!

Thanks to Manassas City's own Okra's Restaurant and Mayfield's fantastic cafeteria staff.

students got a taste of cajun cuisine Friday for lunch thanks to Manassas City's own and Mayfield's fantastic cafeteria staff.

Chef and restaurant owner Charles Gilliam : Red beans and rice, sweet corn bread and Maquechoux—a corn dish.

According to Cafeteria Manager Nancy Potter, 697 of the featured meals were served (about 98% of all meals sold that day).

Pizza is the only menu item that has been as popular at Mayfield, she said.  

"This food is awesome! I want to eat it all day, every day," said one student. His friend added that "I have never tried something new that was this good. I want to take the recipe home!" Many children tried the dish because, as one fifth grader said, "it's something different that we don't usually have." One student asked, "Can we have this every week, like every Monday and Friday?"

The menu item will be replicated in April. 

Mrs. Potter and her cafeteria staff embraced the Mardi Gras theme, wearing beads, masks and crowns and decorating the cafeteria for the event. Cafeteria staff include: Kim Morgan, Elaine Cooke, Rosa Torres, Darlene English, Helen Sorto, Sarah Fields and Maria Martinez. 

Chef Gilliam is working with MCPS Director of Food Services Cecily Anthony as part of . He helped make and serve the same and plans to eventually work with each Manassas City Public School. 

Information from: Mayfield Intermediate School.

Jenny W March 22, 2012 at 10:55 AM
So rice, (carbohydrates, i.e. sugar), sweet corn bread (sugar and sugar), and a side or corn (sugar) should be applauded as an innovative, "healthy" meal for our kids? Probably not much better than the fried corn dog and roll shown in the picture. Of course, from Okra's, the sodium content is probably through the roof too. I won't eat there any more. Food is far too salty. Applaud the concept, but not impressed with the meal choice.


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