Parents, Teachers Petition for Joint Meeting of BOCS and School Board

Online petition organizers say BOCS and School Board need to stop "shifting the blame" and "start working together."

Some PWC parents and educators are urging other PWC citizens to sign their names to an online petition asking the Board of County Supervisors and the School Board to have a joint meeting to resolve the . 

"So far, the Board of County Supervisors and the School Board have been working hard at shifting the blame. While the adults argue and posture, our children and community are being hurt. It is time for the Board of Supervisors and the School Board to start working together," the petition reads. 

Supervisors Mike May, Frank Principi and Wally Covington have previously stated that a joint meeting would be a good idea, and

Myra Sawyers, a parent, educator, and one of the organizers of the petition, called the proposed delay on salary increases "unacceptable." Sawyers for the position of PWC School Board Chairman, but lost to incumbent Milton Johns.

"Based on their performance, teachers should be given a significant pay raise," Sawyers said. "If they were working for a major corporation and were performing at this level, not only would they get a raise, but a bonus.”


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