Weems "One School One, Book" Journey Continues on Monday

The program at Weems Elementary in Manassas is based on the children's book series, "Surprises According to Humphrey."

Story submitted by Amanda Wagner, a reading specalist at Weems Elementary School. 

On April 15 Weems Elementary School in Manassas began another, One School One Book journey with more than 175 in attendance. This exciting and rewarding journey continues with our furry little friend Humphrey and his book series with Surprises According to Humphrey.  This next book in the series focuses on Humphrey’s springtime adventures and the everyday surprises of an elementary classroom.

 The event began promptly at 6:30 p.m. where the excitement and anticipation began even before the students reached the door. Manassas Fire and Rescue arrived early greeting students at the door and peaking curiosity with their truck in the parking lot.

Our special guest readers then read aloud Chapter 1 (Spring has Sprung) to the children as they eagerly followed along in their own books, huddled around Humphrey and his new friends! Following the reading, the children asked questions of the Fire & Rescue squad regarding their occupation, training involved, their truck, and of course; their thoughts on Humphrey.

Immediately following the question and answer session students returned to their seats for a snack and a lively game of Fire Safety Bingo! Students were asked to use their listening skills, and to identify and cover the listed fire safety and Chapter 1 words in order to win prizes. Students will be entered into a drawing to win more prizes next week if they bring their Bingo card with them to the next event on April 22.

The students and teachers will continue the chapter readings nightly at home with their families, following our calendar, and answering trivia questions on the morning announcements each day! 

The fun will continue next April 22 6:30 p.m. with the reading of Chapter 6 by Mrs. English of the Hylton Planetarium, followed by a mathematical focus with students creating their own space alien glyph and snacking on, of course, Moonpies. Please join us in our celebration of reading and community involvement.

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