Eric Bosloor
Eric Bosloor is a techy, he loves finding out about the latest in phones and gadgets and just keeping abreast with all the latest in innovation and improvement on the world front. He keeps up to date with all that’s moving in news in the world precisely because he loves it, but a great side effect is that it truly does wonders for his day job too!
After graduating from Mascot College with a diploma in advertising and marketing, Eric started to install himself in the industry and became the go-to man for company brand imaging. Working with Supercheap storage since 2012 as a marketing and advertising guru, he’s helped the company tremendously with its brand presence and also just making sure that as many people as possible out there are aware of the amazing deals that you can get with hiring from Supercheap storage! Eric is definitely dedicated to finding new and better ways to share with the world about what services we can provide so he is travelling around the Northern Beaches area to all our different Supercheap Self Storage outlets. He works in each of our franchises to help our managers to really put themselves out there and we’re really grateful for the work that he’s done identifying new and better methods to present our services to customers. At Supercheap Storage, Eric is truly a treasured member of our staff and we’re really glad to have him on the team.
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Eric Bosloor commented on article "Former Peabody Borders Slated for Car Storage Lot" in Government July 3, 2013 at 05:13 am